56 active ingredients


The Pink Solution is a Professional Skin Booster Serum, composed of 56 active ingredients that helps improve the vitalisation of fibroblast cells, which are the basic structural frameworks of tissues. And is optimised for the regeneration of damaged and destroyed tissues.

The Pink Solution can be used by both Aesthetic and Medical practitioners as a potent cocktail serum to help revitalise the skin, improve tone and texture, encourage skin regeneration and repair, and enhance the moisture levels.

It is a versatile solution with multiple applications to suit your clinics need, with outstanding treatment outcomes.

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Suitable for All Skin Types

The Pink Solution can be applied to all skin types, including skin that is sensitive or dry, or has undergone a dermatological treatment such as laser or peels.

Safe for Under Eye Application

The Pink Solution can be applied to the under eye area, for dark circle pigmentation. We recommend the 0.5mm depth Turtlepin III Stimulator and to pull the skin down as much as possible to relieve any discomfort.

Versatile Application

There isn't just one way to apply The Pink Solution. It works harmoniously with other skin procedures, such as Micro-Needling, LED, Galvanic Infusion, and Turtlepin III.

56 active components


- Glutathione, which has been proven to brighten skin and fight free radicals.

- 3 Kinds of Enzyme, which contribute to the synthesis of glutathione in skin.

- 10 Kinds of Vitamin B Complex (vitamin B12), which helps improve skin’s metabolism.

- Growth Factors, adenosine A2 receptors, which helps quickly recover skin regeneration cycle.

- 6 Kinds of Peptide (EGF, FGF, IGF, TGF-b, cooper tripeptide), which help vitalise fibroblast cells, which are the basic structural frameworks of tissues

- Neuropeptide Complex, which is a growth factor that helps vitalize fibroblast cells and growth of blood vessels, which are essential for a wound healing process.

- Amino Acid Complex, which increases the content of NMF (natural moisturising factor).

- 4 Million Daltons of High Molecule HA, which can improve skin moisture deficit.

- Vitamin B and Amino Acid for coenzyme synthesis.

- Ubiquinone (Coenzyme Q10), which is the connection for the production of ATP.


The Pink Solution comes in a box of 5 x 5ml Vials, and comes with an applicator. This allows for a simple transfer of the Pink Solution into a Turtlepin III Airless Bottle or other Solution Delivery Device.


Turtlepin III

Single-use disposable 5ml bottle that disperses The Pink Solution via 19 needles at either 0.5mm or 1.0mm depth.

Crystal Meso Cordless Injector

Ergonomic Injector that uses a syringe to disperse The Pink Solution throughout a 9-multipin needle.

NEOGEN Nitrogen Plasma

Open the skin channels to allow for deeper infusion of The Pink Solution, whilst resurfacing the entire skin architecture.


Apply The Pink Solution during a micro-needling session for additional skin benefits.

Galvanic Infuser

Apply The Pink Solution topically and infuse deeper into the skin.


Apply The Pink Solution topically and infuse deeper into the skin.