The quest for youthful and radiant skin has led to the development of various innovative skincare solutions. Among them, The Pink Solution stands out as a revolutionary serum that delivers 56 beneficial ingredients into the skin. It is one of the most versatile skin booster serums on the market, where clinics are incorporating it into different skin treatments. Although we always say The Pink Solution pairs perfectly with Turtlepin III, there are other methods of application for those who already have an existing device or are looking for an alternative method to suit their needs.


Crystal Meso Cordless Injector NBI-300: Ergonomic Multi-pin Device

The Crystal Meso Cordless Injector NBI-300 is a state-of-the-art multipin injector that revolutionizes the traditional mesotherapy procedure. Featuring an ergonomic design and vacuum suction, the Crystal Meso effectively delivers The Pink Solution into the skin with very minimal product wastage via a 9-pin needle tip. Your procedure time can be as little as 10 minutes with this device!



NeoGen Nitrogen Plasma: New Generation Medical Grade Pure Plasma Energy

The NeoGen Nitrogen Plasma is an innovative device that emits pure Nitrogen Plasma energy to the skin. Alone, NeoGen Plasma effectively targets multiple skin concerns as the same time such as wrinkles, pigmentation, droopy eyelids, tone and texture, open pores… just to name a few. however it can help The Pink Solution penetrate deeper into the skin. Using a low energy setting, NeoGen Plasma improves the skin permeability to facilitate optimal delivery of topical actives. In simpler terms, during a low energy treatment, nitrogen plasma energy opens the channels in the skin to allow serums to be absorbed more effectively. This therefore means that the skin will benefit far greater to the 56 active ingredients in The Pink Solution.



Micro-Needling: A Collagen-Boosting Marvel

Micro-Needling, also known as collagen induction therapy, is a popular method for delivering The Pink Solution into the skin. Depending on the specific micro-needling device, we have seen applications of dispensing The Pink Solution on the skin during a micro-needling session so that it can absorb where microinjuries have been made in the skin. This helps to also boost collagen production, for even plumper, glowing skin!


Galvanic Infuser & Phonophoresis: Topical Infusion Enhanced


Galvanic Infuser or Phonophoresis can be used to further infuse The Pink Solution and Natural RX Post Procedure Mask into the skin. Clinics can simply topically apply The Pink Solution on the surface of the skin and then apply the Natural RX Post Procedure Mask. As the 56 active ingredients are absorbing into the skin, use either a Galvanic Infuser or Phonophoresis device and glide over the mask to enhance the ingredient absorption, for an overall skin glow.



Turtlepin III: The Original Match Made in Heaven

Now even though this list is about alternative solution delivery methods, we are giving an honourable mention to our Turtlepin III. It really is the perfect pair for The Pink Solution, allowing it to be delivered into the skin via 19 tiny needles at either a 0.5mm or 1.0mm depth. It is one of the simplest ways to perform a complete Pink Treatment in a cost-effective way. These can be purchased individually or as part of our Essentials Kit (which is the perfect way to onboard The Pink Treatment).




The Pink Solution has paved the way for various methods of solution delivery. From our recommended single-use device, Turtlepin III to our high end NeoGen Nitrogen Plasma Device, The Pink Solution can be used in various ways to enhance the 56 Active Ingredients, for an overall anti-aging treatment. The Pink Solution can be purchased individually to use with alternative delivery methods, or if you still prefer our Turtlepin III, we have 20% off our Essentials Kit which will provide everything you need to onboard The Pink Treatment in your Beauty Salon, Medi-spa or Skin Clinic.